Frequently asked questions

Still not sure about Taykt? These questions and answers should help, but if you still have questions, don't be shy and get in touch over email.

How does it work?

  • You can use this web site to register a word and associated message.
  • When someone texts the word to , we reply with the message you’ve set up.


  • Our API lets your developers build interesting interactions with anyone texting in.

How do you pronounce “Taykt”?

“Take it”

How will anyone see my word?

Put your word on a poster, on a t-shirt, pin it to a wall, put it on a bumper sticker... as long as it says "text WORD to " people will know what to do.

  • If you’re a band you can have "text YOUR BAND NAME HERE to " and send back the next gig, a link to your web site, whaever you want.
  • If you’ve got something to sell, pick a funky word and include it on your advert. Change the message when it’s sold to let people know it has gone.
  •’s up to you how you use the word and where it’s seen.

Expiry: How long do I have the word for?

A month. But, if someone texts-in during that time, we extend it for another month. And so on. That way, if your word is being used, it automatically keeps on truckin’.

We’ll send you a reminder email when your words are due to expire. You can turn this off or on in the Settings page if you’re logged in.

Can I change my message?

Yup - you can change it any time from this web site. Login in, visit the home page, and there’s a list of your words. Click the blue edit button to change the message. The change takes effect instantly so anyone texting-in from that point will get your new message.

If you’re a geek you can use our API to write software to change your message.

How do you protect my details?

We don’t send out phone numbers or email addresses in messages, so it’s anonymous unless...

  • If you’ve set up a word and a message, you need to include your contact details in the message if you want people texting-in to know how to contact you. Leave them out to stay anonymous.
  • If you’re texting-in, you need to include your contact details after the word if you want the owner of the word to see those details. Leave them out to stay anonymous.

What about SMS spam?

If you text in you’ll receive one message from a promoter for each text you send to Taykt. You’re not subscribed or signed up to anything, so you’ll never get another text from us unless you text in for another word.

Except...the first time you text in, or if you haven’t texted in for a while, Taykt sends you a free message to remind you about the the terms and conditions of the service, just so there are no nasty surprises.

If you think you are getting spammed by a promoter, get in touch and we can look into it and help you get it stopped.

And another thing....

If you have a question we’ve not covered, send us an email.